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National Identity

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

I have written about the national visual identity on my old blog before. It’s an issue that really interests me. After all I dedicated my final degree show to it. Following the declaration of independence, the Kosova government announced the flag they had picked from over two thousand proposals submitted. Judging by the enormous number of submissions, i thought something good would come up. Unfortunately, what they had come up with was kind of an embarrassment. I am very disappointed.

From over two thousand submissions they picked this flag? Did the other two thousand plus really suck? I imagine there were so many bad submissions, but c’mon I doubt every single one sucked so bad. I am sure there was one, at least one that was a little better than this one they chose.

 The map of Kosova, six stars representing six ethnic communities living in Kosova, european union color palette? reminiscent of the Bosnian flag?…Who are we trying to be? Whose ass are we kissing? I can’t relate to it. Are the stars the best icons to represent these six communities? Do these six communities not have any history that we have to borrow history from the european union in order to create our own identity?

(below the flag of ex Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, current flag of Kosova, communist Albania flag, current Albania flag)

This was such a great opportunity for Kosova to come up with something great. The Kosova government ignored that opportunity. What a shame.

Senseless bitching

Friday, March 21st, 2008

I wrote about the “Water, Politics and Hope” exhibition on my blog before. It’s an exhibition done by the current senior graphic design class at BYU. The exhibition stresses the lack of usable water around the world and it’s effects. For her part of the exhibition, Tara, along with her typographic information displayed on the wall, she put a fish tank next to it and a bowl with a fake fish floating in the water. For some reason this narrow minded music professor who doesn’t even care to understand the point of the exhibition, or hasn’t even cared to read any information, has been complaining everywhere about the fish. She apparently thinks it’s a real goldfish. What’s more absurd to me is that Tara’s wall happens to be right in front of her office and she still for some reason continues to complain about the fake gold fish, and categorizes it as “a defenseless one”. Recently she sent an email to the Dean of the fine arts department complaining about it, then she also emailed the Visual Arts department and today she wrote a letter on the Daily Universe newspaper on the readers’ forum section.

She titled the letter ‘Senseless killing” and this is what she had to say:

“A display was set up on the fifth floor of the HFAC last week on the topic of water, and it initially included a live goldfish. On Friday, when it appeared that harm could come to the unprotected fish, I did what I could to save it.

I contacted ORCA in the ASB, the college dean in the HFAC, and the Visual Arts Department, but alas, all to no avail. On Monday morning, when I returned to the building, the fish was dead. As of Wednesday the body continues to float in the fishbowl. It now appears that killing the fish may have been the original plan. Someone said to me, “It’s only a goldfish!” What does that mean? Does a goldfish not matter simply because it is a goldfish or because it is small or because blood did not “spill” when it died? Do we believe the goldfish was created to die as part of the art? Would we (and the BYU administration) not protest if it were a cat or a dog or even a mouse that was killed? We protest and abhor senseless killing around the world, especially of the defenseless ones, yet we kill so easily a goldfish for an art display. Go figure.”

I want to laugh out loud but I’m in the library.

I liked what my friend Cassian said after we discussed this; “I think universities should punish professors who give opinions publicly that are presented poorly. It’s so embarrassing. A professor of the university is this stupid?”

P.S. Her name is Marilyn Parks