the new age — no modern times

been looking for this 7 inch record for some time now, and finally got my hands on it. i can’t recall exactly how i came across this band, but it’s been a few years now that i have been looking for it. the new age is a band from kassel, germany and this record is put out by iron curtain records in 1980. the record contains the catalogue number “ICR 001″ which gives the indication that this was the first release of iron curtain label. it contains two songs “electric girl” and a remake of the famous zager and evans song “in the year 2525″. this seems to be the only vinyl released by the new age, other releases include a few live tapes and a soundtrack for a film.

what i found quite intriguing about the iron curtain was how the label was created. it was an initiative that came out of students from a video class in the kassel art academy at the end of the 70s as a production and a publishing platform. this meant they also published quite a few art and music fanzines during that time. this production and publishing platform had a station, which was an old abandoned industrial building in kassel. it’s also interesting how the music in some ways also reflects the political attitudes of that time in germany, a constant tension between the east and the west, two different cultural fields prevailing at that time. it’s also important to note the logo of the label made out of a barbered wire, with punk aesthetics.